Leveled Classes

At Applause Dance Academy we structure our classes based on 8 levels. Level placement is based on several criteria including age, previous dance experience, maturity, and instructor recommendation. Please contact us for questions regarding your dancers level placement.


Ballet is for all ages and began as a source of entertainment for royalty. Today it has evolved into a source of delight for children and adults alike as well as an alternative form of training for athletes and performers. Ballet trains dancers through exercises, steps, combinations, and vocabulary. Ballet will help dancers develop new movement and dance skills, focus and determination skills, and is a building block for all other dance forms.


Tap is fun for all ages and abilities and is about creating rhythms and music with your shoes and body. Tap is considered an American form of dance with roots from all over the world. Tap has a rich history that took hundreds of years to create.  With Tap, the combinations of sounds and rhythms are limitless. Tap is a unique form of physical activity and expressive art.


Jazz dance and jazz music have evolved together and have been greatly influenced by social dance and popular music. It has grown from a social dance in the early 1900s to the highly stylized dance form of today. Jazz dance can now be seen on stages from cruise ships to broadway to television and is one of the most inclusive dance movement styles. Lyrical dance is a branch of Jazz where the movements mirror the lyrics in the song being used and is  studied in our Jazz classes at Applause. Two of our instructors are certified in the Nan Giordano Jazz Technique to bring classical jazz training to our students.

Combo Classes

Combination classes give a thorough overview of Ballet, Tap, and Jazz. Dancers will learn basic technique in each style while developing confidence, poise, musicality, strength, and flexibility. Levels 1-3 Ballet/Tap/Jazz are all combo classes to give each dancer a well rounded dance education.


Modern dance has emerged as a rebellion from classical ballet's strict lines and technique. In this class, students will be introduced to elements of various modern techniques while focusing on breath, energy, and the connection of body and Earth. Students will develop strength, versatility, and musicality through exercises in release, momentum, extension, phrase work, and improvisation.


In this class, dancers will explore contemporary dance using modern technique as their foundation.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop dance has developed from jazz, rock, tap, and American and Latino cultures. It includes a wide variety of popping, locking, and breaking techniques that has stemmed from the dance crews of the 70's. Through improvisational dancing or "free-styling" dancers can express their own style without limitations. In this class, dancers will learn basic new age Hip Hop and beginning Breaking techniques while performing with their own energy and style.

Musical Theatre

Dancers will gain confidence and teamwork skills through up-beat improv activities that challenge students to think on their feet while singing, acting, and dancing. Students will explore the Musical Theatre genre through many different songs from Boradway musicals.


AcroDance combines the artistry of dance and the athleticism of acrobatics. This class aims to teach strength, flexibility, and acrobatics skills in a safe and monitored environment. Our instructors are certified through the world renowned Acrobatic Arts programs. Dancers will go through class focusing on the five core skills of Acro - flexibility, strength, tumbling, limbering, and balancing.

Strength & Flexibility

**Previously listed as Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT).


Strength & Conditioning is a class that utilizes multiple strength and conditioning programs to build strength, stamina, balance, and control in our dancers. Dancers will focus on training muscle memory while using balance, coordination skills, proper technique, and alignment that can assist in all of their dance classes. Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) is used as a full-body, ballet-based conditioning program. PBT is an excellent way to supplement weekly technique classes. Sugarfoot Therapy (SFT) is cross-training program that our dancers use to build strength through their full range of motion, in addition to moving patterns typically not used in dance. We also use Alixa Flexibility stretches to gain mobility and flexibility by practicing strength-supported stretches. Our goal is not overstretching or to push your dancer to where they feel unsafe, rather to teach them to always be able to move their end range motion and access their flexibility. Our instructors are certified through the Progressing Ballet Technique, Sugarfoot Therapy, and all modules of Alixa Flexibility programs. 


In PrePointe, dancers will work on strengthening their ankles, legs, and core to increase body awareness and prepare for pointe work. Students will work at the barre, in center, and across the floor developing strength and muscular control. Dancers will work with strengthening tools such as resistance bands and loops, fusion balls, and foam rollers to increase strength.


Pointe dancers will work on demonstrating proper placement and safe alignment in Pointe shoes as well as continue to develop strength and technique within their shoes.

*Placement for Pointe is by instructor recommendation only.

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