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Dance is a great way to be active and creative, while developing gross and fine motor skills. All children can benefit from our Creative Dance and Tumbling Program. Applause Dance Too teaches through a developmentally appropriate dance curriculum developed for students 2 to 5 years old. All of our classes and curriculum follow and support NAEYC standards for your child’s school.


Using dance as a creative medium, in addition to tactile and rhythmic props, our students explore 11 concepts throughout the dance season including size, speed, energy, and body parts.

About our classes

  • 30 minute class, once per week
  • Limited class size to state ratios
  • Ages 2-5 years old
  • Classes held at your child's school
  • Certified teachers through The Registry

When we dance… 

  • We LEARN: class etiquette, structure, cooperation, teamwork, and dance & tumbling terminology 
  • We DEVELOP: strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, gross motor skills, and kinesthetic awareness 
  • We BECOME: smarter, expressive, confident, creative, and independent

If you would like Applause Dance Too to come to your school email Miss Liz at

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