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Summer 2020 Schedule is out! Registration is open! 
Stop in to check out the schedule - available soon under the "Classes" tab.


Dance With Me: Applause's Daddy Daughter is back with a new name! ALL Applause dancers are welcome to join us along with their favorite role model to learn a fun routine to perform at recital!

Rehearsals on Saturdays 12:30-1:30 on March 28th, April 4th & 18th, May 2nd, 9th, and 16th - the entire routine will be taught, learned, and practiced at each rehearsal so come to the ones you can, miss the ones you cannot attend. 

Dress Rehearsal Friday, May 8th & Recital Sunday, May 17th - Dance With Me will be the first dance of Act II

Cost is $75 per pair ($25 for additional dancer) included rehearsal and recital t-shirt - must sign up by March 21st at the front desk.


Parents Week - March 16-21 - Join us for the last 15 minutes of your dancer's class for important information.


Spring Break - April 7-11


Recital Tickets go on sale! April 26th 6-8pm at the front desk


Parents Week - April 27-May 2 - Join us for the last 15 minutes of your dancer's class for important information.


Dress Rehearsal - Friday, May 8th at La Crescent Fine Arts Center - Class times TBA


Last Week of Classes - May 11-15


Recital - May 17th - Shows at 11:30 am & 3:30 pm - Class times TBA


Is your dancer interested in being a member of our Performance or Competition Company?
Find more information under the "Company" tab or contact Miss Hannah for more information.  Hannah@applauselacrosse.com 2020-2021 company information will be available soon!

ORDER YOUR RECITAL DVDs HERE: http://www.pdcvideo.com/applause.html


HARRISON POLLACK - 2019 Dress Rehearsal Photographer


"Photography started as an elective in high school to fill my credit load for a semester. I blatantly blindsided by my genuine enjoyment of this creative outlet. Wielding my father's old 35mm camera; momentarily freezing the sands of time was awe-inspiring. To then create a tangible memory in a dark room was a refreshing escape from my science-based course load. From that point forward, I always sought to capture the situation at hand. Whether it be a social outing, family gather, or mega vacation. I learned very quickly that the most enjoyable aspect of photography was the person on the other side of the lens. Repeatedly seizing moments of candidness became a (healthy) addiction. Only through [purely enjoyable] years of repetition did I gather a skill set that I thought would be worthy of sharing with the public eye. Here I am today."

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