COVID-19 Updates (as of 5/24/2020)

Good Afternoon Dance Families!!


Thank you so much for taking time to complete the survey sent out last week. All of your feedback was very helpful. We have looked at all of your surveys and taken all of your comments to heart. Below you will find all of the answers to the questions you have. There is a lot of information so please read through. You are encouraged to forward this email to your dancers if you think it could help them too.


We will be coming back to in-studio classes tomorrow - Monday 5/25/2020. About half of you are comfortable coming back on the 25th and half of you are comfortable coming back on June 1st. Which is just fine! We will use this week as a soft opening which will be wonderful for everyone to learn and understand the new protocols (all protocols are listed below). If you are planning on coming back the week of June 1 (or after) we will continue with our Zoom classes with the same meeting links and IDs as used for all previous classes. However, you will notice on your google classroom that some of our class times have changed. That is to ensure staggered start and end times to all classes. A full updated schedule is attached


If your dancer or anyone you live with is unwell, has flu like symptoms, has a fever or cough, stay home. If you are uncomfortable with coming to the studio for any reason, stay home.


We will be holding an OUTDOOR recital on JUNE 21, 2020! There are a few different plans in the works but none are set in stone. We are still waiting on a few things to be confirmed but will keep you all posted. We will be purchasing wood for a dance floor so dancers will be able to dance safely outside no matter the venue. We will have the show professionally videographed and edited together. We have a rain option that you will hear about soon, but even that will be filmed and edited for you all to enjoy. There will be a recital fee for each family which will cover all costs for the venue, flooring, and a DVD for each family. We will not be selling tickets. We are striving to keep costs as low as possible while still giving each dancer the show that they have been working towards all year long in the safest way possible. The show will be set up with class performance times throughout the day to ensure that we are limiting the number of dancers and observers at any given time. That schedule will be given to you at a later date.


If you choose to not participate in the outdoor recital for any reason, please let me know and I will forward that on to your teacher. If you do not want to participate in the outdoor recital, we are asking that you do not participate in the in-studio classes for the remainder of the session. This may sound really harsh, but to help dancers and teachers best understand what to expect during the show, this seems to be the best option for now. Every dancer is still encouraged to take their classes virtually through Zoom.


The recital fee is $60 per family due by June 5, 2020. Typically, we cover all recital costs through ticket sales, and without that, a recital fee is necessary. I know that asking for you to pay another fee is not what you asked for. I know that times are tight and this may be very off-putting, I understand. Please, keep in mind that these times are not times that anyone could have ever expected. If you cannot make the $60 fee but would still like your dancer to participate in the recital, please reach out to me and we will make it work. If you are able and willing to cover all or part of someone else’s recital fee, please let me know. Everything will remain anonymous. Together we will get through this. We have the best dance family.


Steps for Safety within the studio:


  1. We have small class sizes to begin with but have rearranged our schedule to accommodate the biggest classes in the biggest studio and have made it so the teachers move between classes throughout the night rather than having students moving to meet the teachers.

  2. We will have drop-off and pick-up only. The lobby and back room are closed and will remain closed until future notice. Please drop-off no more than 10 minutes early and pick-up no more than 10 minutes after the last class is over.

  3. Dancers must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon arrival at Applause and after their classes.

  4. One bathroom has been labeled as hand washing only. The door will remain open and the light will stay on to minimize what everyone has to touch between washing and going into class. The other bathroom will be used for a full bathroom and hand washing. The bathrooms will be sanitized every night, but sanitizing between uses will not be possible.

  5. The lobby is marked with signs for students to put their street shoes and dance bag at while maintaining social distance. We ask that dancers put their stuff on the sign that is labeled for their studio (studio 1, studio 2, or studio 3) and only take their shoes and water bottle into the studio with them.

  6. There are boxes taped to the floor around the studio for each dancer to claim as their home base for their class(es). This is where they will put their other shoes, water bottle, and will change shoes during class. These boxes are at least 6’ away from each other.

  7. There are X’s marked off on the studio floors where dancers will set to warm-up and for any class work. It will also help the teachers keep an eye on the dancer’s spacing. During choreography and dances the dancers will not be required to stay on those X’s but are still encouraged to stay 6’ apart. Teachers will be adjusting choreography and limiting group and partner work to help with this. 

  8. After classes dancers will be dismissed to wash their hands, collect their items and wait at their lobby spot until they see their ride.

  9. The lobby spots, studios, doors, and bathrooms will be sanitized every evening after classes. If equipment is used it will be sanitized between dancers.

  10. The front desk will be closed for at least the first few weeks but there will be a drop box on the front desk for any payments, order forms, or documents that may need to be turned in. Any payment can be made over the phone or through your parent portal online, let me know how I can help you.

  11. Masks are not required but may be worn if it makes the dancer more comfortable. Teachers will not be wearing masks.


Recital T-shirts will still be available and are $25 each (tax included). These are not included in your recital fee. If your dancer(s) would like a Recital t-shirt please fill out the survey below or send me an email with your dancers name, size, and quantity. You can send a check or cash (in an envelope with dancer’s name on it) with your dancer or pay over the phone or online. *Your t-shirt will not be ordered without payment. T-shirt orders must be placed and paid for by June 5, 2020.


Dance With Me will not be happening this year. We made the decision because we cannot safely teach or perform a dance with this many people in it. If you have already paid for Dance With Me and would like to transfer your payment to the recital fee or towards a t-shirt, I can make that happen. If you are choosing to not participate in the recital you can keep your Dance With Me fee as a credit on your account to use towards summer or I can issue you a refund, but you will have to let me know which you prefer by June 5.


Summer classes will all be held in person and that updated schedule will be sent out in the next few days. Details for registration will also come with that email.


Adult classes are running with a new schedule and if you are interested in trying any of our adult classes, let me know. Class size is limited to ensure safety and Zoom options are also available for you.


Again, a HUGE thank you to all of our dance families, dancers, and our instructors! I could not live out my passion of teaching dance without you. I know these times are unpredictable and unstable but together we will get through. You are so very appreciated. I cannot wait to dance with you all again soon.


Lots of Love,


Miss Kate


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