COVID-19 Updates (as of 3/15/2020)

Hello Dance Families,


It hurts my heart but we will be cancelling all classes (including our adult classes), activities, and rehearsals at Applause Dance Academy immediately through April 12, 2020. These classes will not be made up.


As a staff we have talked about this at length and have come to the consensus that we would rather be safe and healthy than sick and sorry. We are working on putting fun activities together for you and your dancers for this time apart. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for these activities.


Next week, March 16-21, was our scheduled parent's week – That has been moved to April 13-18, 2020. Your packet will be sent to everyone this week via email with adjusted due dates, rehearsal schedules for Dance With Me, and ALL of your recital information. PLEASE read it because we cannot read it to you.


No one could have ever predicted the order of events that we are currently dealing with but I am so grateful for all of my wonderful dance families, the patience you've demonstrated, and the kindness within all of you. In the future it will be hard to know if we did too much to prepare but if we under react it could be devistating.


Stay healthy, stay safe, and keep dancing!


Lots of love,

Miss Kate

Costume Check Out

Some families received an email that your dancers costume has come in. We will be dropping those off throughout the week at your doors. When you receive, please have your dancer(s) try on the costume(s) and fill out the following survey to let us know that you have received and how it fits - please fill out the survey for each costume you receive if you have more than one. We will follow up with you if there are any issues. Thanks!


Welcome to Applause Dance Academy!


Applause: The ultimate demonstration of approval, acclamation and appreciation.


At Applause Dance Academy, we have an endless respect and admiration for our students, parents, staff, and the art of dance. We show this by offering a safe, nurturing environment for our students to learn, grow, and express themselves.


At Applause Dance Academy, we believe that students of all ages, abilities, backgrounds, and income levels deserve the finest dance education from qualified, caring faculty. We offer small class sizes to ensure individualized attention and student success. Our experienced instructors follow the highest standards for dance education, creating a positive, well-rounded classroom experience.


We have something for everyone, with beginner classes for every age group, many opportunities for the advanced dancer, and fitness classes. Check out our class schedule and registration information, or feel free to contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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