PrePointe and Pointe


Extensive strength and control is needed for pointe work. Pre-Pointe will help prepare the developing dancer for both pointe work and for bettering their ballet training.  Many conditions must be met before being invited to dance en pointe.  Some such conditions include age, muscular control, bone structure, years dancing and experience, and alignment, Pre-Pointe will help improve many of these conditions.



For any level 3-6 dancer who is looking to strengthen ankles, legs, and core, to increase body awareness and prepare the body for pointe work. Dancers will work at the barre, in center, and across the floor developing strength and muscular control. Dancers will also work with strengthening tools such as resistance bands and loops to increase strength.


Dress Code for PrePointe

Hair must be properly secured in a ballet bun or french braid.

  • Any colored leotard
  • ballet pink convertible tights
  • Pull on or wrap skirts or solid black shorts are acceptable for class
  • Pink leather or canvas split-sole ballet shoes


Pointe I

Pointe requires sufficient strength and muscular control in feet, ankles, legs, and upper body in order to perform on Pointe shoes. Pointe I dancers will demonstrate proper placement, and safe alignment in Pointe shoes as well as continue to develop strength and technique within the shoes.

*Placement for Pointe is by instructor recommendation only.


Pointe II

For Pointe dancers with 1+ years of pointe training, Pointe II will further develop technique on Pointe and will demonstrate greater understanding of muscular control and placement as skills get more advanced.


Dress code for Pointe I and II

Hair must be properly secured in a ballet bun or french braid.

  • Any colored leotard
  • ballet pink convertible tights
  • Wrap skirt is acceptable but not required
  • Pink Pointe shoes





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Drop in adult classes are $10 or you can purchase a punch card with 12 classes for $100! 



Our barre workout class will focus on your whole body using movements based in ballet, Pilates, yoga, conditioning, and stretching. Classes focus on posture, strength, alignment, core work, and flexibilty.

We stock ballet, tap and jazz shoes as well as tights and leotards. We carry various sizes in our retail area at our studio.  

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